• SketchUp Campus looks different. Why?

    Campus is definitely different, thanks for noticing. We’ve moved the Campus content to a new platform. (Though, the content itself is the same.) We had two primary reasons for the changes. The first is that our original site had ongoing technical challenges that caused frequent site errors. The second reason were limitations in the types of content and options we had for expanding Campus. Our new site should be very stable, and over time, give far more flexibility in the online learning experience.

  • Is my progress from the old site saved on the new site?

    No, we were unable to pull over previously saved course progress. With our new site, you will have to login using your Trimble ID. Once you sign in, your future progress will be saved.

  • How can I make a suggestion or request a topic for Campus?

    We’d love to have your feedback, both on our existing courses and on new ideas. There are several points of feedback in the courses. Please leave us reviews and suggestions in Campus or through our forums

  • Can I be certified as a SketchUp expert?

    This new platform does allow us to issue certificates for finishing courses, so please do finish a course and share your achievements. Finishing a course is simply working your way through the video lessons, it’s not a real test of SketchUp expertise. Official SketchUp certification or testing is not something we have created at this point.

  • Where can I find support for Campus?

    Campus is not part of our Pro support. Our SketchUp forums are the best place to ask questions and look for support from both us and the community. We have a dedicated topic for Campus questions.

  • Can I teach a class or partner with you on Campus?

    This question is a tricky one. We’d love to expand the courses offered with expertise from the community, in fact, we’ve explored this option several times, but with low success. It’s a question that is much more difficult than it seems. The best we can suggest is to reach out to us through our forums and we’ll continue the conversation from there.

  • Do you support multiple languages?

    Our intention is to have all the videos available with captions that are translated into multiple languages. However, not all courses have the captions available initially, but will over time. Also, we provide more language translations to the Fundamental courses, so not all courses will have the same languages supported.