Course Overview

Expand any chapter to see the lessons included. We suggest working through the course in order, but you can also pick and choose which lessons are most relevant to you. Be sure to ENROLL to start the course.

  • 1


    • V-Ray for Interiors - Exercise Files

  • 2

    Getting Started

    • Course Overview

    • Exercise Files: Review

  • 3

    Modeling for V-Ray

    • High Poly Modeling

    • Gaps and Reveals

    • Round Corners

    • High Quality Assets - 3D Warehouse

    • High Quality Assets - Cosmos

    • Randomization

    • Performance and Efficiency

  • 4

    Setting the Camera

    • Composition, Sections & Scenes

    • Render Settings for Sections

  • 5

    Advanced Materials

    • V-Ray Materials Overview

    • Material Sources

    • Applying Materials

    • Replacing Materials

    • Customizing Materials

  • 6

    Lighting the Scene

    • Test Lighting Setup

    • Adjusting Camera and Exposure

    • HDRI Environmental Lighting

    • Artificial Lights

  • 7

    Final Output & Adjustments

    • Output Settings

    • Post Processing within the Frame Buffer

    • Conclusion


  • Is this course for beginners to V-Ray?

    This is not an introduction to V-Ray. To learn the basics, we suggest taking our other course: V-Ray for SketchUp: Modern Cabin Exterior.

  • Is V-Ray included with SketchUp?

    V-Ray is included with SketchUp Studio, it not part of SketchUp Pro, though it can be purchased separately for Pro.

  • I can't see the lessons here

    This page is just an overview, ENROLL in the course to see the video lessons.