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SketchUp for Landscape & Site Design

7 courses
39 lessons


This landscape and site design learning track covers the start-to-finish process of creating a small park model. The track focuses on specific challenges to exterior modeling, including: working with existing and proposed terrain; optimizing and distributing large amounts of vegetation; and setting up models that can be worked on by more than one person and are easy to revise when needed. And lot's more!

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SketchUp for Landscape & Site Design
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Courses (7)

01Creating a Base Model

Get started modeling landscapes in SketchUp using reference images, geo-located imagery, existing terrain data, and imported CAD linework.

8 Lessons

02Terrain & Grading

Brush up on native Sandbox Tools and learn to utilize extensions in order to manipulate existing terrain and creating both hard and softscape grading areas.

5 Lessons

03Materials & Textures

Bring your base model to life by finding, applying, and editing quality materials and textures. Also learn how to save your favorite materials for later use.

4 Lessons

04Furnishings & Entourage

Add scale and functionality to your landscape model through the addition of entourage – from online and made from scratch.

7 Lessons

05Working with Vegetation

Learn how to optimize your use of vegetation in order to avoid slowing models down and at the same time, bump the quality of your views and renders up.

5 Lessons

06Context Modeling

Add existing neighborhood context through a variety of open data sources.

6 Lessons

07Optimization, Collaboration & Revisions

Keep things running smoothly and efficiently as your model builds in detail and size.

4 Lessons