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SketchUp Fundamentals

12 courses
48 lessons


Join us for a guided tour of the core ideas that make SketchUp unique. These concepts are essential for every aspiring SketchUp modeler. 

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SketchUp Fundamentals
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Courses (12)

01Quick Start

Jump right into creating your first model in SketchUp. We'll introduce several of the tools and techniques that you will use often in SketchUp.

11 Lessons

02Core Concepts

Understanding how edges and surfaces behave and the underlying concepts of SketchUp.

5 Lessons

03Push Pull

Push Pull tool

2 Lessons


Understanding accuracy in SketchUp and the Tape Measure tool.

3 Lessons

05Drawing Tools

Reviewing the drawing tools: circles/polygons, arcs, rectangles, freehand, offset and eraser.

7 Lessons


Overview of the selection tool and modifiers

2 Lessons


Grouping concepts

2 Lessons


Overview of components, component browser and introduction to nesting

2 Lessons

09Tags (or Layers)

Overview of Layers and how they differ from other programs

2 Lessons

10Move Tool

Move tool, including manipulating geometry, autofold and copy/array.

5 Lessons

11Follow Me

Using Follow Me including lathed objects

4 Lessons

12Inference Locking

Inference locking with arrow and shift keys

3 Lessons