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Rendering: SketchUp to Photoshop

3 courses
18 lessons


This fun and easy learning track demonstrates the process for setting up specific scenes with rendering styles applied in SketchUp in order to export and enhance using Adobe Photoshop.

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Rendering: SketchUp to Photoshop
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01Creating & Exporting Scenes in SketchUp

Here we'll provide a brief overview for the goals of this track along with the process of working with scenes, styles and shadows together to create specific exports for post-production in Photoshop.

6 Lessons

02Post-Processing Scenes in Photoshop

This course walks you through the process of importing and working with your SketchUp scene exports in order to modify the look and feel of the SketchUp view, transforming it into a one of a kind illustrative. This exclusive method is repeatable, meaning it's not dependent on the model, scene or artistic styling of the creator.

10 Lessons

03Bonus: Ground Level Walk Through

This course takes all the techniques learned in the previous two courses and applies them to an additional view - this time from the ground. This walk though explores how the process is applicable to a number of different model and rendering conditions and still achieves a consistent and beautiful result.

2 Lessons