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LayOut Essentials

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41 lessons


Want to share your SketchUp model with others? Turning 3D models to 2D documents and presentations has never easier using LayOut. This track is intended for beginners who have never opened LayOut before but are familiar with the basics of SketchUp Pro.

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LayOut Essentials
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01Getting Started in Layout

Get started using LayOut by learning several ways to create new documents from scratch while also exploring LayOut's interface, preferences, drawing setup and customization features.

6 Lessons

02Tools Overview

Explore and practice creating custom content with each of LayOut's drawing and annotation tools.

7 Lessons

03Modifying & Styling Content

In this course we'll take our lines and shapes to the next level by learning how to edit and apply different styles to them.

7 Lessons

04Working with References

Learn how to insert, style and annotate various drawing references such as SketchUp models, raster images and CAD dwgs.

11 Lessons

05Layers, Scrapbooks, Templates & Tables

One we have a model referenced we can add additional details and content to help complete our document set.

6 Lessons

06Presenting & Exporting

Finally, learn how to share your document with others by exploring LayOut's awesome built-in presentation and exporting tools.

4 Lessons