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3 Ways to Boost Your CAD to 3D Workflow

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Find yourself needing to import and work with CAD files? If so we’ll walk you through three different workflows that cover how to cleanup, import, organize, optimize and automate your CAD linework with the end goal of getting a 3D floor plan modeled quickly and easily.

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3 Ways to Boost Your CAD to 3D Workflow
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01Getting Started

Get started with a brief overview to for this track that walks you through everything you need to know about working with CAD linework in SketchUp.

1 Lessons

02Method 1: Using CAD in SketchUp Without Cleanup

This course assumes that you have a CAD file to start with but either cannot or do not want to go back into CAD to clean it up prior to using it in SketchUp. We'll review how and why CAD linework acts the way it does in SketchUp and cover tips and tricks for optimizing the import and modeling process.

3 Lessons

03Method 2 - Optimizing CAD File Prior to SketchUp

In this course, we'll spend most of our time in AutoCAD reviewing drafting methods that anticipate how CAD linework can work more efficiently later once in SketchUp. In other words, but committing a bit more thought and time into the front-end, we can see tremendous time savings down-stream.

11 Lessons

04Method 3: Using CAD as Reference Only

This last workflow method explores a potentially quicker to go from 2D to 3D by drawing new lines or shapes over the top of imported CAD linework...therefore using it as a reference only and not worrying about clean up or optimizing it first.

2 Lessons