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Working with References
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Working with CAD Files

4.9_Working with CAD Files

0:00 There may be many times when you’ll find yourself needing import and work with CAD files.

0:06 In this lesson, we’re going to spend a bit more time working with imported CAD files than we did with the other reference file types.

0:14 Let’s create a new page and name it ‘CAD Reference’.

0:19 Go up to ‘Insert’ again and select the oven.dwg file from the same 'References' folder.

0:26 We’re prompted for some options this time.

0:28 We can choose between importing Paper Space, Model Space, or the file’s Model Space as a SketchUp model reference...

0:36 ...which would allow you to rotate and pan around your CAD file the same as when we insert a SketchUp model.

0:42 Let’s select the ‘Paper Space’ and ‘Layout 1’ as there is already a scaled viewport set up for us.

0:50 We can see that the CAD viewport is now live on our page and scaled correctly as noted by the scale factor in the upper left corner.

1:00 You can also see that in addition to the CAD linework, text and dimensions both import as well and function as native LayOut entities.

1:09 This is awesome as it could save us a ton of time by not having to re-do anything that’s already been created in CAD.

1:15 Though we may still need to do some minor style edits to get everything to look perfect again.

1:21 The .dwg file has been inserted as a scaled drawing.

1:25 To edit a scaled drawing, just double-click into it like a group, make any changes, then double-click out of it.

1:32 Also, since our CAD drawing has been inserted as live linework, we can modify the lines as needed in the 'Shape Style' window.

1:40 Just to test this out, let’s change the stroke color and thickness of the oven linework – which again, needs to be done when inside the group.

1:50 Now given that we’re no longer working with SketchUp model references, if we wanted to change the scale of our newly inserted CAD group, we would do it in the ‘Scaled Drawing’ window.

2:01 Here we can see the scale factor again that’s applied to the CAD linework – which was set by our CAD viewport’s scale.

2:07 Let’s try changing the scale in the window and see how our CAD drawing updates as well.

2:13 To wrap up our CAD import process, it’s important to note that the CAD linework comes in grouped by layer.

2:19 So if you have many objects on many separate layers in CAD then it may make working with them more dificult in LayOut.