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Scaled Drawing

4.10_Scaled Drawing

0:01 Since we’ve already introduced the topic of scaled drawing in the previous lessons, let’s take a minute to explore function and features that working with scaled drawings offer.

0:11 Let’s create a new scaled drawing from scratch.

0:14 On the same page as our inserted CAD drawing, make sure the ‘Scaled Drawing’ window is open and select ‘Make Scaled Drawing”.

0:23 We’re prompted to choose a scale. Let’s pick the same scale as our CAD reference.

0:30 Then select the rectangle tool and click down anywhere.

0:35 When entering its dimensions this time we’ll enter them as real world or 1:1.

0:40 For example if we wanted to draw a shape that's 10 feet wide by 3 feet high we just enter that size just like that.

0:48 We now have a rectangle to scale.

0:51 This feature is particularly handy for drawing additional details right in LayOut, thus reducing the need to go back into either CAD or your SketchUp model.

1:00 Also, note that you can change scale from the right-click menu as well.

1:06 If you want to remove the scale for any reason you can do that by right-clicking and select ‘Remove Scale’.