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4.1_Pages Overview

0:00 We’re finally ready to insert some outside content into LayOut.

0:05 But before we add our model, let’s take a minute and do quick overview of working with pages as we’ll be adding, editing and duplicating pages in the next few lessons.

0:15 We already know we can add pages and navigate through them using the toolbar.

0:20 But now we’re going to look at the 'Pages' settings window itself.

0:24 If it’s not showing already, open and expand the 'Pages' window.

0:29 We can view our pages as either a list with names or thumbnails.

0:34 Let’s keep it on a list for now as we’re going to continue to add names to help us keep everything organized.

0:40 Let’s look briefly at how to change the page order.

0:43 We can do this by dragging and dropping or right-clicking and selecting move up or down.

0:49 We can also choose which pages to show in presentations.

0:53 If the little computer screen icon is deselected than when you’re ready to present your LayOut document, those pages won’t show.

1:01 Lastly, we can duplicate pages – which is handy, seeing as once we add our model, we can easily duplicate a page to save from having to re-insert the model a second time.