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Changing Model Scenes

4.3 Changing & Updating Model Scenes

0:02 Let’s practice changing scenes some more.

0:05 If we don’t have any scenes saved in our model then we can we jump into SketchUp, creating as many scenes as we need...

0:15 ...saving the model…

0:17 ...then updating the model reference so they show up in LayOut.

0:28 You can see here that our model has some scenes saved in it already.

0:32 So let’s save ourselves some time and use those.

0:36 Back in LayOut, duplicate the SketchUp model page with the plan view and name it ‘Front Elevation’.

0:44 With the view selected, select the scene dropdown list and choose the ‘Front Elevation’ scene.

0:51 Now we should change the scale so the elevation fills the whole page, leaving us plenty of room to add annotations in the next lesson.

0:60 Let’s try doubling it to from one quarter inch (¼") to one half inch (½”) equals one foot (1’)....That looks a lot better.