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V-Ray 5 Light Gen


0:06 As mentioned in the previous lesson, the Cosmos library has some really great HDRIs for you to use for your environmental lighting.

0:14 But also as you saw, it takes a bit of time to find, download and then path to the HDRIs saved on your drive.

0:22 Let’s now take a look at another new feature that makes that process a bit easier and in my opinion, more fun.

0:29 I'm referring to the new ‘Light Gen’ tool.

0:33 Start by launching the 'Light Gen' by finding the icon in your Lights looks like a bunch of stacked images and a sun.

0:42 Once open, we’re prompted to choose from either interior or exterior lighting.

0:49 Since our demo cabin here is outdoors, let’s stick with the exterior option for now.

0:55 Light Gen is aptly named as it will allow you to configure variations for either V-Ray’s sun and sky...

1:03 or HDRIs, that then you can then pop into your model quickly to test different lighting conditions.

1:09 Let’s give it a try.

1:11 I’m going to choose HDR... and I can adjust the sliders for how many variants I want.

1:19 And to keep things moving quickly here, I’m going to bring the number down to say '21' variants.

1:24 That should be enough to find something as too many choices end up taking more time for me to go through them all to find the perfect one.

1:33 I’ll now hit ‘Generate’…and wait a minute as they’re created.

1:38 While that’s going, I’ll mention that once done, you can save your generated HDRs to a file that can be loaded next time, so you don’t have to do this ‘Generate’ step every time.

1:51 Now that it’s done, I’ll go ahead and save this batch to disk.

1:57 I’ll start up an interactive render...

2:00 and all you have to do is click on a thumbnail and that Dome Light is automatically loaded into the model.

2:09 Just to confirm in the 'Asset Editor'...

2:14 here it is called ‘Light_Gen_Dome’.

2:19 Each time you switch HDRs within the 'Light Gen' window, it doesn’t add a new Dome Light, it just replaces the image within one that’s in there now.

2:32 As you saw in the last course where I went from a Day scene to a Dusk scene...

2:38 I sometimes like to have more than one Dome Light and HDRI in my model at the same time.

2:45 With 'Light Gen', since each time you select one, itreplaces the previous one...

2:50 the trick is to just re-name the Dome Light first, before choosing a new HDRI from the thumbnails.

2:57 And then rename it in the 'Asset Editor'.

3:01 And then back in 'Light Gen', I'll choose an evening sky…and as you can see, it kept both now...

3:10 So later, I can go back and forth between the two, without going back into 'Light Gen'.

3:19 Let’s wrap up by clearing my skies I generated by clicking ‘Reset’.

3:26 And thenI'll just load them back in from the file I saved earlier...

3:32 …and there they are.

3:35 So whether you want to load more than one into your model or just save them all to a Light Gen file to re-import any time,