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0:01 In this course, we’re going be reviewing all of the many drawing, shape and annotation tools LayOut has to offer.

0:08 For those of you that have used LayOut before, you may feel this section is for beginners only, but rest assured that you’re likely to pick up a few new tips and tricks.

0:16 For this, and the next several lessons we’ve provided a template file for you to use while following along...

0:22 So go ahead and open up the file called “Drawing-Tools” which was included with your downloaded exercise files.

0:28 Once open, make sure you’re starting on the first page of the document that has several shapes in the middle of the page.

0:34 Let’s do a quick overview of selecting objects.

0:37 Like SketchUp, we can select objects in different ways.

0:42 The first method is just to click on an object.

0:45 Holding shift adds or subtracts from the selection.

0:48 To clear the selection completely, click off the objects onto a blank part of the drawing or hit escape.

0:54 Note that the once an object is selected and you hover over it, the cursor switches to the move tool by default.

1:00 If you want to ensure you don’t accidentally move things while selecting, you can hold down ‘command’ on Mac or ‘alt’ on PC while selecting.

1:09 Now let’s create a selection window.

1:11 Clear any previous selection and then click on the paper to the right of the objects and drag, until parts of each object are selected.

1:19 With this method, dragging over any part of the object then selects the entire object.

1:24 This method is also referred to as a ‘Crossing Selection’ in SketchUp.

1:28 Now let’s clear the selection and try it again…this time from left to right.

1:33 Click off to the side and drag over one of the smaller shapes and notice that objects will not select unless your window covers over the entire object.

1:41 This is especially useful when you have many overlapping lines and shapes which may be otherwise difficult or time consuming to select just the object you want.