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Labels & Dimensions

2.6 Labels & Dimensions

0:00 When creating construction or shop drawings, it’s important to be able to easily and accurately label and dimension models and drawing details.

0:09 Labels, which include a leader line with an arrow, are designed for calling out specific elements.

0:15 Start by placing your label leader on the object you want to call out, then drag to place the joint of the leader and again to place the text.

0:26 Let’s add another leader, but this time, clicking and dragging to create a curved leader line, just like we learned to do when drawing Bezier curved lines previously.

0:39 Moving on to dimensions, let’s start with the ‘linear dimension’ tool.

0:43 You’ll notice in your template that there is a rectangle next to the word dimension.

0:47 Let’s dimension that in both directions...first from left to right. Then, from top to bottom.

0:54 Notice how if we move or stretch the rectangle, the dimensions lines and measurements update as well as they’re associative to the object.

1:04 The other dimension tool we can choose is ‘angular’.

1:07 To determine the angle, we need to choose a corner to measure.

1:11 Then select the first side of the angle, moving out from the corner, then repeat to set the other side of the angle.

1:18 Then we can adjust the size of the dimension arc before finalizing it.

1:23 We can also go in the opposite direction and measure the outside angle as well.

1:29 As mentioned a moment ago when creating labels, there’s lots more to learn about dimensions, both in styling options and in associations to model references