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Drawing Arcs


0:01 Now that we have a good handle on drawing lines, let’s move on to arcs.

0:05 From the Arc toolbar icon, you’ll notice that we have four options to choose from: Arc, 2-point arc, 3-point arc, and Pie.

0:13 Select the basic arc first and move down on your page next to where it says ‘Arc’.

0:19 This first arc requires you to set the center point first, then the radius, then the length.

0:25 For this example, let’s use the small circle provided on the left as the center point…

0:30 then you can set the radius by clicking down on the circle to the right or typing in a distance, say 1”…

0:37 lastly you can click anywhere to set the arc length and complete the arc, or type in the exact angle for the arc.

0:45 Let’s try typing in ‘135’ degrees.

0:49 Now just below our first arc, let’s do a 2-point arc.

0:53 Start the arc on the left circle again…then the right….

0:57 This time we’re asked for a bulge distance rather than the angle.

0:60 This is because we’ve already set both endpoints of the arc and the bulge will determine the radius, and therefore the center point.

1:07 Let’s type in .5 inches for the bulge.

1:11 Next is the 3-point arc.

1:14 This time we’re asked to set three points of information: the starting point, the mid-point, and the end point.

1:19 Using the circle guides provided, you can see we’ve made the same arc as the 2-point but without typing in any distances.

1:27 Lastly, let’s look at the Pie tool. Pie is really the same as the basic arc tool, it’s just that Pie completes the lines to fill in the shape automatically.