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SU Fundamentals 6-1 Selections

0:03 Selections go far beyond simply clicking to select edges and faces.

0:09 Let's learn some advanced selection techniques that will make you faster and prepare you for the next few courses on the move tool and grouping,

0:19 both of which rely heavily on good selection methods.

0:25 Let's examine this model. We can select edges, surfaces or grouped geometry.

0:35 When selecting surfaces if you double click on a surface it will also select all its bounding edges...

0:43 ...and if you want to select all connected geometry triple click one two three on an edge or surface to select any connected geometry.

0:56 In our model we have a separate area of the ground plane that is not connected.

1:03 By simply drawing an edge to connect it back to the main ground plane it's now connected and would be included in a triple click selection.

1:17 In addition to directly clicking on objects in your model you can also drag a selection window to select multiple objects.

1:26 Watch the selection window as you drag left to right.

1:30 This shows a solid window outline and it will only select objects that are completely inside the selection window.

1:39 For example, if we wanted to select all of these interior supports at once we could orbit to the side and draw a selection window from left to right around those supports.

1:51 None of the other groups are selected.

1:55 Now draw a window from right to left.

1:60 This is a dotted outline and will select anything that dotted window touches whether it's included inside the selection window or not.

2:10 I could select all the support posts at once, simply by drawing a selection window that only crosses over them and no other geometry.

2:21 When you do select objects using a selection window, keep in mind that SketchUp will select any objects affected by that window, even objects you may not see.

2:35 For example I might try selecting just this center panel but my selection window also encompassed objects I did not see.

2:46 It's often helpful to toggle x-ray mode on to check your view and be aware of what else might be selected...

2:55 you can refine your selection, adding or subtracting objects, which can be done with modifier keys.

3:04 The first modifier key is the SHIFT key. This will add or subtract objects

3:13 Next the CTRL key or OPTION KEY on a Mac will only add to your selection.

3:22 Finally, holding THE CTRL on PC or Option on a Mac, plus the SHIFT key will only subtract.

3:34 The real power in making selections is in combining all of these tools and the right view.

3:44 Let's look at a few examples.

3:46 As we did before, if we wanted to select all of these interior supports we could do so from the front by selecting each with a modifier key

3:57 but it may be faster to select them from the side where we can also select the second row of supports.

4:05 Because of how this roof structure is grouped we could view this from below and draw a careful selection window to select both rows of supports,

4:17 Or again from the side we might select all the roof structure to start then remove the parts of the roof we don't need.

4:27 Your own experience and the way you structure and group your models will give you clues on the most efficient methods

4:37 but now you have all the tools you'll need to make good selections in SketchUp.