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Getting Started 8: Steps


0:04 Our playground needs some stairs at this point, and we’ll make them fairly simple.

0:10 Draw a rectangle, starting from this mid-point inference to the corner of the platform.

0:16 Pull this shape out 4 feet.

0:21 Navigate to see the bottom side and pull this rectangle down, using the base of the pillars to infer to.

0:29 Now, use the tape measure tool to create a guide 12 inches away from this top edge,

0:38 and 8 inches down from this side edge.

0:49 Use the pencil tool to draw a line using the guides we just created. Hit the ‘esc’ key to stop drawing additional lines.

0:58 At this point we have a number of guidelines we don’t need any more.

1:03 Guides can be deleted with the eraser tool,

1:07 but you can also clear all guides by going to the edit menu and choosing ‘Delete Guides’.

1:18 One of the important concepts of SketchUp, is that you are using the drawing tools to create simple or complex surfaces,

1:27 that you can then push or pull.

1:31 We can select these two edges and copy them a few times to create a stair shape,

1:38 that could then be carved away with the Push/ Pull tool.

1:42 Start by selecting just these two edges.

1:45 Remember to hold the ‘Shift’ key to add or subtract from your selection.

1:52 With these edges selected, use the Move tool and make sure to start the move from this endpoint.

1:58 As we try to move these edges, it’s warping the geometry,

2:02 but simply tap CTRL, or Option on Mac to activate a copy, and move exactly to this endpoint.

2:13 Now, if you are very comfortable with the array function we introduced previously, you could array these edges,

2:20 but you can also simply move and copy these edges two more times.

2:25 Do whatever you are comfortable with,

2:28 you should end up with a final stair shape that we can cut away with the Push Pull tool.

2:36 For the lower part of the stairs, you can leave the whole form, or carve away some area of it. Your choice.

2:42 I’m going to draw a simple arc from edge to edge and carve away that shape with Push Pull.

2:49 Whatever you choose, remember to group our stairs before moving on.