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Getting Started 7: Array


0:01 For the next side of our playground, let's create some simple bars.

0:06 We'll draw a circle on the inside of this pillar,

0:10 but before starting the circle, hover on this midpoint inference for two seconds.

0:16 This creates a focus on this point and gives us an inference, so that we can start our circle on the center of the pillar.

0:25 Now draw a circle using this reference with a radius of 1 inch.

0:33 Pull this circle across to the opposite pillar, inferring to that edge for an exact length.

0:39 With our bar created let's select it all and make it a component.

0:45 Why did we make it a component?

0:47 Remember the rule for components. If you are going to make one object a group is fine.

0:53 If you're going to make two or more you should use components.

0:57 That's right, we're going to copy this bar several times, so we can introduce arrays.

1:04 Creating arrays correctly requires a series of steps.

1:10 Follow along carefully and don't worry if you need to try a few times to get the hang of it.

1:16 Arrays are created by making one copy first,

1:23 then telling Sketchup to make some number of additional copies.

1:27 We'll start by selecting and moving our bar.

1:32 Click once to start moving and press CTRL, or Option on a Mac to move a copy instead.

1:38 Make sure you are moving it in the blue axis and click to finish the move where you think the second bar should go.

1:46 Now type 4x and press Enter for 4 total copies.

1:54 While still in the array function type 3x and press Enter for 3 copies instead.

2:00 It is important that you immediately create your array after moving the component.

2:07 If you choose another tool or click a different key you will exit the array function.

2:12 If this happens, (and it will sometimes) simply undo and create your first copy again,

2:20 then enter the number of copies you wish followed by x and press Enter to accept.

2:28 As with all these concepts we are introducing, there is more depth to arrays than what we can cover here

2:35 so something to look forward to in later courses.

2:40 For now, let's continue with this playground.