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Getting Started 6: Circles


0:00 So far, our playground is okay but it doesn't have much to actually play on.

0:08 Let's fix that now. Zoom into one of our sides and we'll explore another useful reference tool: the Tape Measure tool.

0:23 By clicking on an edge, you can pull away a guideline parallel to that edge.

0:31 I'll pull this guideline in and enter 1 inch. Then start again and pull another guideline in 3 inches.

0:41 Now we can easily draw a rectangle between our pillars that is 2 inches wide.

0:51 Pull this rectangle about half way up, the exact distance is not important.

0:57 Now we'll introduce the Arc tool.

0:60 There are several ways to draw an arc for different situations. We'll use the 3-point Arc tool.

1:07 Navigate to make sure you can see both sides of our rectangle,

1:11 and click to start your arc on one side, then click a second time on the opposite edge, then find a curve that you like and click a third time to complete this arc.

1:25 Be careful as you draw. SketchUp may try to infer to the pillar edge so be sure you are drawing on our new rectangle only.

1:36 With this new arc drawn, we can cut this top shape away with Push Pull.

1:43 Push this surface until it meets the back surface.

1:47 A good way to be sure is to look for the On-surface inference. It will be a blue rectangle inference.

1:55 Push Pull will cut openings between parallel surfaces so let's try this again.

2:00 Use the Circle tool to draw a few circles on our new shape.

2:04 Make sure to keep your circles inside the shape and don't overlap them. Keep them fairly large as well.

2:22 Now, push each circle until you see the opposite on surface inference and you will cut away that opening.

2:31 Cut away all your circles.

2:47 With this form complete, let's remember to group it.

2:51 Use the Selection tool, triple-click to select it all, and group it.