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Getting Started 5: Platform


0:00 To start the platform, draw a rectangle inside our pillars and the size doesn't matter. Now pull it up by 2 inches. Let's group this now. Triple click with the selection tool to grab it all and through the Edit or Context menu, make this a group.

0:19 We'll move this up with the move tool. Click somewhere on the top and make sure you are moving it in the blue axis. Type 30 inches and hit ENTER. Rather than giving specific dimensions, this will be an exercise in inferencing. We can complete this platform accurately by referencing other geometry.

0:44 By now you know how to edit a group by double-clicking on it with the Select tool. Edit this group and use the push/pull tool to start pulling this near side.

0:60 I do need to click once on the surface to start pulling it but after that I don't have to stay on that surface. I can move the cursor all over the model to reference other geometry. So I clicked on the platform surface to start pulling but I'm going to end by clicking on one of these pillars so the platform extends exactly to that side.

1:26 Now click to pull on the adjacent side of the platform and infer to the inside edge of our near pillar. So again, we started pulling from the platform but will click to end it on the pillar edge so we know it's lined up perfectly.

1:47 Let's do this again by orbiting around and doing the same on the other side. Use push/pull and inferences to center our platform exactly inside the pillars.

2:03 To finish the platform, navigate to this side and make sure we are still in edit mode. Draw a rectangle using these intersection inference points. This splits the surface perfectly on the inside of the pillars so we can pull it out and again infer to the pillar for an exact distance. Do this on the other side as well and close out of editing the platform.

2:36 Often in SketchUp, once you've drawn a few shapes accurately you'll be able to use inferences to quickly and easily draw many other shapes accurately as well, without ever entering dimensions