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Getting Started 4: Components


0:01 Okay let's look at our model. It's starting to look a bit more interesting but let's add some detail to our pillars.

0:10 Navigate to look under this near pillar and we'll learn to edit it. Watch as I try to Push-Pull on these surfaces. SketchUp won't let me and that's because I'm not actually editing the component.

0:25 To edit this component we need to double-click on it with the Select tool. A single-click will select the component but if we double-click we see something different: a dotted line surrounding our pillar and the rest of the model is faded out.

0:42 Click outside of the component and it closes again. Try this a few times. Double-click to edit this component and click away to close it.

0:52 Let's widen the base of our pillar, so double-click to edit and make sure we see the dotted lines and we'll try a new tool here, the Offset tool.

1:06 With this tool click once on the bottom surface and pull away to offset this entire shape. Now type 1" and press ENTER. Then pull this new surface up 12".

1:23 As we've been working on this one pillar you probably have noticed that the other pillars are also changing. Remember that we made this pillar a component and that means while we are editing one component all similar components are affected.

1:42 There is a lot of power in components, so you can look forward to learning more in later courses.

1:50 For now let's close this component if you haven't already and we'll create the platform next.