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Getting Started 3: PIllars


0:00 With our roof complete, let's create the pillars that will hold it up.

0:06 Navigate so you can see underneath the roof and use the Rectangle tool. Starting from this near corner click to start drawing a rectangle, pull away and make this 4 inches by 4 inches.

0:22 Remember you can enter rectangle values by typing the units, separated by a comma and press ENTER to finish.

0:31 Now use Push-Pull to start pulling this shape down and make this pillar eight feet long.

0:40 Let's group this pillar before copying it, so like before use the select tool to triple click on the pillar: 1, 2, 3. This time, we'll make this a component.

0:53 You can group geometry as a group or a component and generally the rule is to group single objects and anything you will copy should be a component.

1:06 We are going to copy this pillar so we'll make it a component. Don't worry about the various settings here, simply name this and create the component.

1:19 To copy this pillar over we'll use the Move tool. An important concept when using the Move tool is to pick meaningful inference points.

1:30 For example, we want to copy this pillar to this corner, so we'll click on this corner inference point which will allow us to easily snap it to the far corner.

1:42 Using the Move tool click once on this corner and start moving it towards the other side. Of course we need a copy so while moving it tap the CTRL key on a PC or the OPTION key on a Mac to toggle a copy.

1:58 Now the original pillar component is left in place and we can move this copy to the other side, clicking on the far corner to place it exactly.

2:11 Let's do this again, this time with our two pillars. Use the select arrow to select one pillar and hold the SHIFT key to add to our selection and click on the 2nd pillar.

2:24 With both pillars selected choose the move tool and again we'll move these with a meaningful inference point and this corner will work well

2:36 Click on this Endpoint to start moving our pillars and tap the CTRL, or OPTION key on a Mac, to toggle a copy. Now place these exactly at the opposite corner.