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Getting Started 10: Color


0:02 The final step for our playground, is to add some color and play with the shadow settings.

0:09 You can find the shadow settings under the Window menu and toggle the shadows dialog box on.

0:15 Shadows can be turned on and off and you can adjust the time of day and year for accurate shadow studies.

0:23 Adding some color is easy. We’ll use the paint bucket tool to access materials in SketchUp.

0:31 The materials dialog box looks different on Mac and a P, and we’ll cover that in more detail later.

0:37 For now just select any color or material and paint it on a group in the model.

0:44 Add other colors as you’d like.

0:48 Add other elements to your model as well.

0:54 Now that you have an idea of how some of the tools work, keep going with any other ideas you may have,

1:01 and then keep learning.

1:03 We’ve only scratched the surface and there is so much more to learn.

1:09 We look forward to seeing you in the next course.