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Getting Started: 1 Quick Start


0:01 Welcome to the world of Sketchup, whatever you are hoping to design we are going to help you get there.

0:09 Sketchup is fun, it is powerful and we like to think it is easy to learn, but even SketchUp has a learning curve, so we'll walk you though all the essentials you'll need.

0:21 To start, we'll jump jump right into creating a model, in fact we'll build this playground that you've been seeing.

0:30 Of course we know that most of you are not going to be designing playgrounds but this example will let us introduce several tools and cover a number of concepts quickly.

0:41 So follow along and try to build this model with us. To learn you've got to practice and we'll provide lots of examples to practice on in the 'Downloads' area of the courses.

0:54 For example you can download this park model in various phases of completion to help you as needed.

1:00 A note about the version of Sketchup we are using.

1:04 In this series we will use the desktop version of Sketchup Pro however everything we will learn applies to the free and web versions of SketchUp as well.

1:15 The interface is very similar and the tools work the same. Let's begin.