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Presenting & Exporting
Presenting within LayOut

6.1_Presenting within LayOut

0:01 Congratulations on learning everything you’ve ever wanted to know about getting starting in LayOut.

0:06 Of course after going through all the time and effort of creating beautiful document sets, we’re going to want to share them with others.

0:13 Luckily for us LayOut has some great features for presenting and exporting our documents to both digital and print formats.

0:23 Let’s start with presenting from within LayOut itself.

0:27 Let’s take a closer look at the ‘Start Presentation’ icon in the default toolbar.

0:31 In addition, remember that we also already explored which pages can to show or hide when presenting.

0:39 Click the the Start Presentation icon now to turn your drawing into a full-screen presentation mode.

0:46 You can navigate pages using either the arrow keys on your keyboard or the left and right mouse buttons.

0:52 Up and down on the keyboard take you to the start and end of your document while left and right on both keyboard and mouse advance one page at a time in that direction.

1:04 Let’s now navigate to a page with a SketchUp view in it.

1:08 If we double-click on the view we can activate the model itself and rotate or pan around just like we can when we’re in regular editing mode.

1:18 If you right-click on your model while the model is active it opens up some additional camera, scene, and viewing options.

1:25 And if your model has scenes set up to play as an animation you can view that by selecting ‘Play Animation’.

1:33 Hit ‘escape’ to stop the animation and exit out of the model mode and continue on with the presentation.

1:40 Next, notice how the cursor changes to a pencil when moved around the screen.

1:46 You can draw or add notes at any time during your presentation.

1:51 Once you’re done presenting and hit escape to exit the full screen mode, you’ll be prompted whether you want to save your annotations.

1:59 If you say yes, then you’ll see that a new layer with the date and time that's been added automatically with the annotations assigned to it.

2:08 This is super helpful as keeping track of comments during presentations is usually not this easy.