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Post-Processing Scenes in Photoshop
Photoshop Layer Organization

2.2_Photoshop Layer Organization

0:02 In this section we’re going to introduce some basic file and folder structure techniques that will help keep our drawing organized and easy to navigate.

0:11 Let’s start by creating some layer groups.

0:14 Click on the new folder icon at the bottom of the layers window.

0:18 Do this five (5) times to create five (5) new group folders.

0:23 Now we need to re-name them based on their order, which is designed to reflect how we’ll work from the bottom, or ground level, up to the top layers of the drawing.

0:35 Name the bottommost folder ‘Base Color'...then ‘SU-Off’... the next ‘SU-On'...then ’Trees’...and finally, ‘Effects’.



0:55 Next, let’s add color to each of the the groups we just created.

0:59 This optional step helps to speed up our workflow, as associating our layer groups by color ends up taking less time than by name.

1:08 You can add color to groups by control or right-clicking on each folder and selecting a color from the pull down.

1:17 Select Purple, for Base color, Grey for both SU-Off and SU-On, Green for Trees and Yellow for Effects.

1:29 Lastly, we can now name and move our SU exports to the appropriate folders.

1:35 We’ll put the 'Trees' layer into the 'Trees' folder…The 'Colorbylayer' and 'SU-All' in 'SU-Off' folder… then the 'Lines' and 'Shadow' layers into 'SU-On' folder…