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Post-Processing Scenes in Photoshop
Linework Adjustments

SUtoPS_2.5_Linework Adustments

0:01 In this lesson, we’ll look at how to edit linework from SketchUp in a few different ways that provides more control over the final look and feel of our illustration.

0:11 First, copy the lines layer, turning the original off and saving it in the event we need it later for any reason.

0:19 Next, to get rid of the white background, we could just set the layer style to multiply and be done with it…

0:25 …but, like everything else covered in this track so far, it’d be great to work with the linework in a way which gives us a bit more control than that.

0:34 So for this lesson, let’s add an additional step by removing the white background from the lines manually.

0:41 With the copied layer selected, go to ‘Select/Color Range’ and sample the white background area.

0:50 Adjust the slider if necessary to balance the strength of the selection so we don’t end up selecting too much or too little.

0:58 Then click ok…and with the white areas selected, hit 'delete' to remove.

1:05 Name this layer ‘Lines-Black’....Then make a copy of it and call it ‘Lines-White’ and turn off the lines-black layer for now.

1:16 To convert our black lines to white, invert the copy by using the 'cmd-I' keyboard shortcut.

1:23 Using white lines in our drawing provides a nice effect as black lines can overly darken the illustration and lose valuable information where our shadows cover over linework.

1:34 The white lines can bring back and pop these otherwise lost details.

1:39 To show only white lines where the shadows are, load a selection of the shadows layer by holding ‘cmd' or 'ctl’ and clicking on the shadows layer.

1:50 Then with our white lines layer selected, add a layer mask.

1:55 You can see now that our white lines only show where the shadows are in our drawing.

1:60 Let’s do the opposite with the black lines...Load the shadow selection again…this time going to ‘select/inverse’ and, with the black lines layer turned back on, add a layer mask..

2:14 In addition to determining which edges are light or dark, the last step in this lesson is to adjust transparency accordingly to help fade the linework into the background a bit.

2:26 There’s no real science to this step...Just adjust the slider until it feels right.

2:30 In our case, the black lines are set to around 55% transparency... while white lines set to around 65%.

2:39 And that’s it. Now different drawings will have different needs for showing or hiding your SketchUp linework…but now, following these steps, we can control the line color, line masking and line intensity.