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Post-Processing Scenes in Photoshop
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Entourage Adjustments

SUtoPS_2.6_Entourage Adjustments

0:01 In this lesson, we’re going to do some edits to both the trees and cars….Lets do the trees first.

0:08 Find your trees folder and the only layer in it...You’ll remember that we added a color plane underneath the trees in the model.

0:17 That was done intentionally given that we’re using tree components that are made from PNG leaf textures...

0:24 ...And if you haven't experienced this before, SketchUp has trouble exporting completely transparent PNG materials.

0:31 Just for comparison I’ve exported the same trees with no background as a transparent PNG.

0:38 You’ll notice a white ring or halo around the leaf edges.

0:42 Now you might be asking why we didn’t just swap out these tree components with a fully 3D tree components to avoid this problem?

0:49 If the model we’re working with has lots of trees in it, then fully tree 3D components, even low poly trees, can easily bump our model’s geometry count up - significantly affecting performance.

1:02 Also, we might just prefer the look of a particular tree and not want to swap it out with something else.

1:08 In short, this issue could be avoided by choosing a different tree component but since this is what we’re working with let’s understand how to correct it.

1:18 Going back to our tree layer with color plane....go to 'Select/Color Range' and eye dropper the magenta color.


1:26 Make sure your fuzziness slider is all the way to the right and click 'ok'. Then click delete to remove the magenta.

1:36 You’ll notice some minor color is still around the edges...That’s easy to fix by a couple different methods.

1:45 Firstly, let’s select by color range again...then eye dropper on a remnant pink spot.

1:52 Then, instead of deleting this time as we don’t want to actually remove too much information from the model...

1:58 ...Open your Hue/Saturation adjustment window and move the hue slider to the right and settle on a nice medium green color...

2:08 ...Then adjust your saturation and lightness down a bit to darken.

2:12 Lastly, lets add some layer styles to finish the trees off and add some additional depth to them.

2:19 Double click on your trees layer and go to the Stroke panel. Pick a nice medium-to-dark green color and set the stroke to 1 point and centered.

2:33 Next, go to 'Inner Shadow' and pick a nice purple color, like the color we used for our ground shadows and set it to 'multiply'...

2:43 ...And adjust the distance and angle until it looks like the tree has some roundness to it - creating a dark and light side that reflects where the light source is coming from.

2:55 Feel free to toggle these new settings on and off to compare the difference.

3:05 Now lets move on to the cars. As mentioned in the previous lesson our drawing would look better if we took some of the background colors out in order to provide more focus on our park.

3:16 We can remove the color from the cars easily, even though they were not exported on their own layer.

3:22 We can do this by going to the 'Colorbylayer' layer again and magic-wanding inside each car.

3:32 Then create a new Hue/Saturation adjustment layer and desaturate to remove the color...

3:40 and adjust the lightness up a bit to remove the grey.