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Post-Processing Scenes in Photoshop
Effects: Paper


0:01 One key difference between digital drawings and traditional media is the fact that digitally produced graphics do not require any physical media, in other words: paper, pencils, etc —

0:13 ...therefore any texture associated with the drawing process is absent as well.

0:17 This means means we have to add back the missing information to help complete the look we’re after.

0:22 For this lesson, a paper texture has been provided for you as part of the exercise files.

0:29 In addition to the provided texture, try searching for other kinds of textures using key words, such as "watercolor"... and experiment with them to see the affect they bring to your drawings.

0:40 Now insert the texture file into Photoshop and place into the 'Effects' folder.

0:48 Then, using 'cmd-T' shortcut, transform the texture to cover the whole page and set the blend mode to 'multiply'.

0:56 If the texture looks a bit too strong then we can ease back a bit on the transparency in order to fade it back.