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Manipulate Geometry

SU Fundamentals 10-2 Manipulate Geometry

0:03 Now that you understand the basics of the Move tool, we can introduce a more advanced technique.

0:10 The key to making this work, is actually the selection tool, so revisit that lesson if needed.

0:18 Sometimes you’ll want to move whole sections of geometry, for example, some of these walls.

0:25 To do this we can use a left-to-right selection window to select only the walls, then move all of the walls together.

0:34 As long as we are careful with our selection, we can manipulate any of these walls,

0:41 while keeping the same wall thickness, or move a window or door opening.

0:48 This method is also useful when you’ve created more complex geometry, such as this picture frame.

0:54 We can still re-shape the size of this frame.

0:58 if we select all of one side of it, and then use the move tool and carefully move it along the axis.

1:05 Depending on the selection we make, we could adjust both the outer and inner frame together, or select and move them separately.

1:15 Again, the key is really the selection tool.

1:19 Let’s practice on a more complex set of walls.

1:22 Let’s move this interior wall down by 2 feet.

1:27 When you make a selection, remember that your view of the model is really important.

1:32 From this view, I could try to select just the wall, and it looks ok,

1:38 but moving shows some geometry warping and if I orbit a bit I can see I accidentally grabbed this lower edge.

1:45 So I’ll hit ESC to cancel that move, and instead choose a view where I’m much more aligned with the wall.

1:53 Now I can make a clean, narrow selection and then I’ll move this wall down further, type 2’ and press ‘Enter’ to finish.

2:04 Often the best ‘view’ to make a selection with is from the top or side.

2:12 This floor plan is simple enough that I can get any selection I need, while still in perspective mode,

2:19 but it can be helpful at times, to toggle perspective ‘off’ to get a pure orthographic view.

2:28 This can be very useful to toggle on and off,

2:32 though we recommend that you do most of your work in perspective mode.

2:38 One last reminder, that sometimes, even with the right view, you’ll need to use modifiers to refine your selection.

2:48 In grabbing this set of walls, I may have selected too much,

2:53 but using modifier keys I can remove the geometry I don’t need and then move these walls correctly.

3:01 This method takes practice, and a good understanding of how edges and surfaces are connected.

3:08 Take your time, and try moving some walls around.

3:12 Remember you can always hit ESC to cancel a move in progress, or Undo a few steps if things go wrong.

3:20 Practice, Practice, Practice.