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Copy and Arrays

SU Fundamentals 10-4 Copy and Arrays

0:03 Creating copies and arrays inside SketchUp is a lot of fun, once you get the hang of it.

0:10 Remember the basic rule, that you should make copies of components, not groups,

0:17 so convert any groups to components before making a copy.

0:22 In the example file, right-click, and make this bollard a component.

0:28 To make a copy of an object, you simply start moving it, then tap the ‘Ctrl’ key on Windows, or the ‘Option’ key on a Mac to toggle a copy.

0:40 As with autofold, you don’t have to hold down the key.

0:44 You simply tap it to toggle a copy on or off, or back on. Then, click to place your copy.

0:54 Making copies is another place to remind you that you should be single-clicking to start and finish each move.

1:03 We repeat it, because it's just that important and will make your SketchUp experience that much more successful.

1:11 Now, back to making copies.

1:14 You can select multiple objects for copying.

1:17 Start moving them and again, tap ‘Ctrl’ on Windows or ‘Option’ on Mac to toggle the copy.

1:24 Now, before we move on to arrays, practice making copies a few more times.

1:31 To make an array, you have to make one copy first, so make sure you are comfortable making copies with the move tool.

1:41 In the example file for arrays, we have a few components ready to copy.

1:48 To make an array, you must make one copy first.

1:52 This first copy tells SketchUp two important things.

1:56 First, the direction you want to go and second, the distance between copies.

2:03 Let’s try this first, on this bollard.

2:06 Start moving it, tap the Ctrl key on Windows or the Option key on Mac to toggle a copy...

2:13 ...then move along the green direction and click to finish the move.

2:17 Immediately after finishing that copy, type 5x and press Enter to create 5 copies.

2:27 You can continue to change the number of copies as long as you don’t start another tool or action.

2:32 So I could type 8x and press Enter, or type 3x and press Enter.

2:40 Now, I’m going to undo, and do this again.

2:44 Remember, when you make arrays, you have to complete one copy first and then immediately tell SketchUp how many total copies.

2:55 This time I’ll select the bollard and the lamp, use the move tool to make one copy and immediately type 7x and press Enter for 7 copies.

3:10 So that’s the basic idea, let’s practice this a few more times.

3:16 Undo our array again and this time edit the sidewalk group.

3:21 We are going to select and copy this edge.

3:25 Copy the edge and type 10’ then press Enter, to make it exactly 10 feet away, then type 5x and press Enter for 5 copies.

3:37 Now type 5’ and press enter to change the original copy distance, which also changes the array distance.

3:46 As long as we don’t start any other action or tool, we are still in the array mode, and can continue to change the distance and the number of copies.

3:58 This sidewalk is 100 feet long, so we could create 19 copies at 5 foot intervals to split it evenly,

4:08 or change that back to 10 foot intervals and reduce the number of copies to 9.

4:14 If I accidently get out of the array mode, it’s easy enough to undo my last array, start it again and type the distance and number of copies I need.

4:28 This method of making one copy and then continuing that copy is called an external array.

4:37 We can also make a different type of array, called an internal array.

4:43 It starts the same, we need to make one copy.

4:47 Let’s copy the lamp, but this time copy it further down the sidewalk.

4:53 Now type 5/ and press enter.

4:59 We still get 5 copies but they are spaced between the original copy distance.

5:05 We can still change the number of copies, such as 8/ and press Enter.

5:11 We can also change the original distance which I could change to 50’, or 80’.

5:19 Now it’s your turn, use these components or your own and keep practicing on making arrays, both internal and external.