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Modifying & Styling Content
Styles: Stroke


0:00 Under pattern are the Stroke settings.

0:04 troke refers to the edge or line thickness, color and line type.

0:10 Select the first square nest to the word stroke...

0:14 ...then back in our shape styles window, change both the stroke color...and thickness.

0:22 To the next square down… let’s apply a dashed linetype or style to the square.

0:28 You can change the dash type by selecting from the pull down.

0:32 You can also change the linetype scale – which you can select from the pull down or enter in any scale factor you need regardless if it’s shown or not.

0:44 For instance, let's enter ‘.5’.

0:50 Moving down below our squares we can apply some arrows styles.

0:55 With the first line selected and, still in the shape styles box, we can select both start and end arrow...

1:04 well as change the arrow size without changing the stroke thickness.

1:11 Let’s do one more where we put it all together in order to change the stroke color...thickness...linetype...and arrows to create a new complex style.

1:29 Once you have things looking the way you want, you can apply that style to other lines and shapes.

1:36 In line the toolbar, select the eyedropper or Style tool.

1:40 Then eyedropper on the style you want to copy...and then the icon changes to a paint bucket and we can apply that sampled style to any other line or shape.

1:52 Note that if you apply it to an object or objects that that are grouped, the style will apply to everything in the group.

2:01 Back in the Shape Style window, let’s do a quick overview of the Stroke Styles – which apply to how corners and ends work.

2:09 As for corners, we have three options: a square miter, which is typical, rounded, and beveled.

2:18 The differences become more noticeable the thicker the stroke is or the closer you zoom in.

2:25 Lastly, let’s round out the styles overview by looking at the different endpoint options.

2:31 We have three choices: flat…round…or square.

2:37 Each affects the endpoint differently.