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Modifying & Styling Content
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Styles: Fills & Patterns


0:02 We’ve now wrapped up our overview of all the basic tools, as well as how to modify them.

0:07 We are now ready to open and explore the first of our panel settings… which you’ve probably been looking at this whole time anxiously wanting to dive right into.

0:17 Before getting too far into it, go ahead and advance to the next page - which has the title ‘Applying Styles’ in the upper left.

0:27 If it’s not already open, go to ‘Window/Shape Style’ and expand the window.

0:36 Starting again with our familiar 1-by-1 square, select it and then click on the 'Fill' button to apply a color fill to our square.

0:44 With the square selected, try changing the color.

0:48 The color picker options are the same as you’re used to in SketchUp…

0:52 We can choose color wheel… sliders…color palettes...image sampler… or colored pencils.

1:03 Notice how when you click off your newly filled square, the fill style settings we just made changed back to what they were before.

1:10 That’s because we selected the square first before choosing the fill and color – meaning the fill applied to that shape only.

1:18 If we do it again, this time selecting fill and a color first…then draw a new shape, and another…

1:29 …you can see that the settings are now stored and apply to all new objects until we change the fill style settings again.

1:37 So keep in mind whether the settings we’re about to learn should apply to a single object after it’s drawn or globally to all new lines and shapes.

1:47 Under the Fill color is an option for applying patterns.

1:53 Select the next square down and then the Pattern button.

1:56 Like choosing colors, we can now select from a bunch of pre-determined patterns in a new 'Pattern Fill' window.

2:03 After selecting a pattern, you have the option to both scale and rotate the pattern.

2:09 Feel free to explore all the different pattern types within the folders and subfolders.

2:15 Patterns and fills are not mutually exclusive. You can apply just one or both to an object at any time.

2:23 On the next square down, apply both a color and pattern fill.

2:28 In addition to the nice selection of patterns supplied by LayOut, you can import your own custom patterns at any time.

2:37 Let’s do this together by selecting the drop down, and then ‘Import Custom Pattern.’

2:43 Navigate to any pattern, or folder of patterns and they’ll now be accessible inside of the patterns browser.