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Method 2 - Optimizing CAD File Prior to SketchUp
Making Faces

3.8_Making Faces

0:03 We’re going to start our 2D to 3D process by utilizing the 'Face Creator' extension again since the goal here is to be efficient with our time and create as many faces as we can at once.

0:16 This time, since we have everything so nicely consolidated, layered and grouped….it should be super-fast and easy make faces so we can begin to model our floor plan.

0:28 As you can see here, I have my optimized CAD plan imported from the previous lesson

0:35 I’ve also changed my style to show a grey background so it’s easier to see the faces when then come in.

0:43 To make faces, let’s first turn off any furnishing or block layers that do not need faces.

0:49 Those are: ‘Doors, furnishings, glazing and stair.’

0:59 Now we can select the remaining groups and go to ‘Extensions/Face Creator’ …and there we go

1:08 See I told you that this was a fast and easy method…

1:12 especially because we didn’t have to enter into any of our linework groups to generate the faces

1:23 And just for fun, let’s go ahead and switch to the ‘Color By Layer’ setting so it’s easier to see what is what.

1:30 We can also turn off the ‘L-Site’ layer for now since there’s some z-fighting that might be annoying as we spin around the model.

1:42 Let’s wrap this quick lesson up by going into the interior walls group and removing the inside faces of these enclosed rooms.