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Method 2 - Optimizing CAD File Prior to SketchUp
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Extruding Multiple Surfaces

3.9_Extruding Multiple Surfaces

0:03 Now that we have a perfectly drawn and filled in 2D floorplan, we can start the process of extruding our flat faces into 3D.

0:14 Like we just saw in the previous lesson, our goal is to automate as much as we can so we can get all of our vertical surfaces extruded just as quick and easy as we did with our faces.

0:28 Just for comparison, let’s start by doing a few extrusions manually using the native 'Push Pull' tool.

0:34 After rotating our view a bit to get a better angle, enter the exterior walls group and pull one of the walls and enter ‘9 feet’.

0:45 Do the next wall and match that previous wall height by inferencing it – which to me is a bit quicker than typing 9' each time.

0:56 After those two are done just double-click to repeat that last extrusion until all the walls are pulled up.

1:04 If you’re doing a small floorplan, like an apartment or single-family house, then this method may work just fine.

1:11 But for our demo here, we’ve got a lot of exterior and interior walls to do.

1:17 So let’s back up and start over...this time using an extension to help speed things up.

1:25 The extension we’re going to use is called ‘Joint Push Pull’ by Fredo6.

1:29 Keep in mind that all of Fredo’s extensions require his ‘LibFredo’ companion extension as well so make sure to have the latest version of both installed.

1:39 Alo remember that before running any complex extension, especially for the first time, it’s a good idea to save the drawing first.

1:49 Now to use the extension, we can go into any of our wall groups…let’s do the exterior walls first…

1:56 So with them all selected, go to ‘Tools/Fredo Collection/JointPushPull...' and 'Joint Push Pull' again.

2:08 Then we can start the extrusion up and pause to enter ‘9 feet’ just like we do with the regular Push Pull Tool.

2:16 And if it all worked correctly, we should have all of our exterior walls pulled up to 9 feet at once.

2:23 Let’s practice this technique by doing it again, this time to the interior walls.

2:30 Enter the group…select all…find 'Joint Push Pull'…and extrude everything up – this time matching the height of the walls that we did previously.

2:46 And luckily it worked as expected.

2:49 Sometimes complex operations like this might kick back an error message or unexpected result.

2:56 If that’s the case, try it again using a smaller area selected at a time.

3:02 And actually looking closer at our model, it looks like we have some reversed faces and we’re missing some edges for some reason.

3:11 I could try to troubleshoot it to find out what may be causing these issues but for me, a couple minutes of cleanup is worth the speed of being able to extrude multiple faces all at once.

3:23 Feel free to take as much time as you’d like checking for open boundaries, missing edges, or reversing faces.

3:33 We now have a couple more quick extrusions to do before moving on to furnishings.

3:41 Let’s next take a look at our window walls.

3:44 I made the choice to separate out these in CAD because I knew I was going to use blocks in CAD for the windows themselves, and then swap them out with SketchUp 3D window components later.

3:54 So what we’re going to do now is create two walls: one from the ground to the window bottom and the other from the top of the window to the ceiling.

4:07 We’ll start the same way we did before by using ‘Joint Push Pull’...but this time we’ll come up only ‘3 feet’.

4:23 And since I know my window is 4 feet tall, the remaining difference is a 2 foot wall above the window.

4:31 Let’s do a move-copy using our modifier key and set the distance to ‘7 feet’ since we know we want this wall to be above our window which sits at 7 feet high at the top.

4:44 Since our original was 3 feet, we actually have some extra wall to push back down.

4:51 We can do this several ways:

4:52 By using the move tool, or…since I’m feeling a bit lazy, I’ll use the scale tool to bring it in line and snap to another wall.

5:05 Now let’s do our last extrusion.

5:08 This one is easy since it doesn’t require any fancy extensions

5:12 It’s the columns.

5:14 Since they were blocks in CAD, they’re components now all we have to do is edit one and pull it up to ‘9 feet’ high like the others and it does it to all of them which is awesome.