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Method 2 - Optimizing CAD File Prior to SketchUp
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Block by Type

3.7_Block by Type

0:04 This next step in the optimization process is to isolate various linework into layer groups in order to allow us to keep things separate from one another.

0:14 Let me start again with a quick example of why this step may be helpful depending on your project.

0:21 If I import my now cleaned linework base into SketchUp and explode it...

0:30 then I can zoom in to the lefthand corner where the wall edge meets the deck.

0:35 If I turn the wall layer off...part of my deck disappears since in SketchUp, two lines can’t share the same space, even if assigned to different layers like they can in CAD.

0:49 Remember that layers in SketchUp only control visibility – hence the change to the new ‘eye’ icon in version 2019.

0:58 So let’s try that step again.

1:03 This time, back in CAD I’ll isolate the exterior wall linework using the 'LAYISO' command again…

1:13 Then select all of it and make it a block.

1:24 I can then use 'LAYUNISO' to bring everything back

1:29 And I’ll repeat this step for all of the layers in the model as most of them share edges with each other and I’d like to keep them separate from one another.

1:39 This is also why we consolidated layers earlier in the process in order to minimize the effort for required for this step.

2:02 So let’s save the file.

2:08 And re-import into SketchUp again.

2:18 This time, after exploding the main component group...I can select and verify that my linework layers are now components and therefore protected from sticking together.