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Applying V-Ray Materials

3.1_Applying V-Ray Materials

0:03 Let’s now begin the process of replacing some of our key model materials with ones that will look more realistic.

0:11 We’re going to approach this step in two ways.

0:15 First, we’ll look at swapping out the current model materials with ones from the default V-Ray library.

0:21 And second, we’ll look at ways to keep some of the SketchUp materials we have now and add render layers to them to provide a level of realism that would otherwise be missing.

0:35 In our model, if you take a look at the tags, you’ll notice that there aren’t that many.

0:41 Two of them came in with our context and the other three, as mentioned earlier during our file review, represent the objects that we want to replace their current materials with ones from V-Ray.

0:56 Let’s start with the glazing. As you can see it’s been grouped and tagged separate from the rest of the model.

1:05 We next need to find the new material that we want to replace this one with.

1:11 Browse to ‘Glass…/Window Neutral’ in our materials library....and then drag it into our materials list.

1:27 Then like before, like we did with the Infinite Plane, with the glazing group selected…

1:34 and right-click on the material and choose 'apply to selection'.

1:42 And you should see the material change color in the model indicating it applied correctly.

1:50 The other way to apply the material, depending on how you set your models up, is to select the material without selecting anything in the model…

1:60 and right-click and choose ‘Apply to Tag [Layer] ’ and choose our ‘Glazing’ tag.

2:09 Let’s go ahead repeat this step two more times – again for the mullions and outer metal shell.

2:16 For the mullions, browse the ‘Metal’ category and find and add ‘Steel_Brushed’...

2:29 …and then down a bit further and you'll find ‘Iron_Blurry’...and add that as well.

2:41 Then go ahead and apply each using either the ‘apply to selection’ or the ‘apply to layer’ methods.

3:02 Finally, once we've done that, we can see how they look I'll fire up another interactive render....

3:12 And see that it's starting to look pretty good to me.