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Title Blocks & Templates

5.2_Title Blocks & Templates

0:01 Let’s start by creating a new document and selecting a template from the prompt as we did before.

0:08 If closed, open the title block dropdown from sidebar.

0:12 LayOut comes pre-loaded with some really nice options to choose from, both in terms of style and page size, and orientation.

0:20 Let’s choose ‘Contemporary’, then ‘Tabloid Landscape’ since that’s the size of the document we’ve been working on this far.

0:30 Make sure that your pages and layers sidebar windows are open.

0:33 We can see that we have two pages to start with and three layers already set up for us, including the default layer.

0:40 If we click on the cover page and select the entities, we can see that they are already on the cover page layer and that since we usually only have one cover page, that layer setting is set to 'one page only'.

0:53 Next is the inside page, and all of its entities are on a shared layer, so if we were to create new pages, we’d see everything on that layer shows up on each new page.

1:06 Notice that if you create a few new pages and toggle back and forth, the page numbers reflect their current page and the date is pre-set for us…

1:15 …as both are set up as an auto-text functions and update automatically.

1:20 So too are the project title and author fields.

1:26 Remember that we can set the auto-text in Document Setup.

1:31 Let’s enter some info for both the project title and author…

1:40 ….then see how it auto-updates on all pages that had auto-text on them.

1:48 Now you may have a document that’s already been started but without a title block or template, like our document from the previous lessons.

1:57 That’s no problem as we can just copy and paste the information from one file, a blank template you just opened, to another file, like our existing file.

2:09 Just remember from our previous lesson that copying and pasting won’t carry with it unique layers.

2:15 So be sure to either set up the right layer structure in advance, or be prepared to create them after pasting in the title block content.

2:23 Now let’s say we like this template for the most part, but want to customize it to better suit our project needs.

2:30 Here’s the same template after some simple some color changes and the addition of a custom logo.

2:37 If we like the changes we made and we want to use this title block again in the future, we can actually save it as a template.

2:44 To do this, go to ‘File/Save as Template’...and give it a name.