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Tables: From Scratch

5.4_Tables-From Scratch

0:00 In this lesson, we’re going to learn how to add and modify tables.

0:05 There are two ways to add tables, either by scratch, or imported from another program.

0:11 Let’s start with creating and styling a simple table from scratch right here inside of LayOut.

0:17 Before getting started, let’s make a new page and name it ‘Tables.’

0:23 Now, click on the Tables icon and place down anywhere on the page.

0:28 Before finalizing the table, notice that if you move the cursor it adds or subtracts cells.

0:34 Next to the cursor you can see how many cells in both columns and rows you are adding.

0:40 The measurements box shows the same thing, and similar to when drawing shapes and entering dimensions, you can enter precisely the number of columns and rows you want.

0:51 Let’s do a simple 10x5 table.

0:54 Type in ‘10c’ for number of columns…then comma (,), and ‘5r’ for number of rows and hit enter.

1:03 Then we can adjust the size of the table before clicking down to finalize it.

1:09 Then we can adjust the size of the table before clicking down to finalize it.

1:09 If you find you need to change the number of cells, just double-click into the table, like a group, and right-click to open up some additional formatting options.

1:22 You can also select some cells and merge...either all horizontally... or vertically.

1:33 Or if you change your mind you can unmerged them as well.

1:39 As far as cell spacing goes, you adjust manually as needed...

1:46 ...or right-click and select ‘Space’ to space either rows or columns equally.

1:55 When you’re ready to add text just click into a cell and start typing.

2:01 Now let’s make a copy of our 10x5 table and paste it underneath so we can add some custom styling to it.

2:09 When it comes to table styling, we can style both the table lines and the cell fill by selecting the table and changing the colors in the 'Shape Style' window.

2:20 Let’s change the grid lines to Magenta...

2:26 ...and the table fill to light grey.

2:29 If we wanted to change individual grid lines and cell fills we can double-click into the table, select just the lines or cells we want to change and then apply an additional level of customization to it.

2:48 If you have a large table or need to adjust a table fit a particular sheet orientation, you can split a table into two by right-clicking and select ‘Split Table’.

2:59 Play around with customizing your table using these techniques until you achieve a result that looks works for you.