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Layers, Scrapbooks, Templates & Tables


0:01 The last, but definitely not least of the sidebar windows is Scrapbooks.

0:06 Scrapbooks are a bit like presets in Photoshop.

0:09 They are actually LayOut files that function like an assets library.

0:13 You can browse the scrapbook library by selecting a category from the dropdown and either selecting a subcategory or toggling through via arrow keys.

0:23 By default, LayOut comes with a wide variety of useful content, such as arrows, people, title block info, and even tree symbols.

0:35 Let’s drop some scrapbook elements into our drawing.

0:39 Go back through your document and find the kitchen elevation page.

0:45 Then browse the scrapbooks window till you find ‘People’... then to one half inch equals one foot as that’s the scale of our elevation.

0:55 Pick any of these people and then click down on our elevation to place.

1:02 You’ll notice the command stays active so if we wanted to place a bunch of a scrapbook items in a row then it’s easy to do that without going back into the panel window each time.

1:12 Let’s add a few other items to our drawing.

1:15 Open up the ‘TB-Plain’ and then ‘Drawing References’ and add a drawing title…and maybe even some various callouts.

1:28 One other thing to note is that you don’t even need to drag and drop a scrapbooks into your page to use them.

1:35 You can sample style settings from any scrapbook entity using the eyedropper tool, just as you would if it were live in in your file.

1:44 You can see that under the same ‘TB-Plain’ scrapbook that there is a lineweights page.

1:50 If you have a line in your drawing that needs changing, then use the style tool to sample your desired lineweight…apply…and there you go.

2:01 Now that we have a good understanding of how to pull saved items from a scrapbook…

2:06 Let’s now do the opposite and create some custom objects that we’ll store in a scrapbook for later use.

2:13 Go to back to the CAD oven enlargement in your LayOut file.

2:18 Let’s say we want to add this drawing to a scrapbook, but just this drawing and not our entire LayOut Document.

2:24 We need to first copy the linework…then create a new blank document… then paste it...and go to ‘File/Save as Scrapbook…’

2:42 Then browse the scrapbook panel again and you'll see there it is…waiting and ready to be dragged and dropped into any future drawing as needed.

2:55 And if you find yourself wanting to make a change to any of the scrapbooks, you can just click ‘Edit’ and it opens back up as a regular LayOut document again.