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Getting Started in Layout
Creating New Document

1.1_Creating new document

0:00 Let’s start by creating a new blank document. There are a few different ways to do this.

0:05 If you’re starting in SketchUp and have a model that’s ready go to LayOut, then all you have to do is, from SketchUp, go to ‘File/Send to Layout.’

0:18 As you can see the model is now a 2D view in a LayOut page.

0:21 On the other hand, if you don’t have your model open and ready to go that’s ok because while LayOut is integrated to work with SketchUp, there is no requirement to start with a SketchUp model.

0:32 Let’s open LayOut now.

0:34 Navigate to the SketchUp folder in your applications or programs directory on your computer.

0:39 As you can see, LayOut is a stand-alone application that comes bundled with your SketchUp Pro license.

0:46 Once the app opens, you’ll notice a prompt that asks us two questions

0:50 …1. what size do you want your new document to be?...and....

0:54 ...2. would you like to apply a default template, such as grid lines or title blocks to your page.

0:58 Open up the drop downs to the left in order to see all the options we have to choose from.

1:04 Let’s pick a graph paper at 11x17 or tabloid size.

1:09 Before selecting ‘choose’, notice the button that asks whether to ‘always use selected template.’

1:16 If checked, then next time you create a new document you won’t be asked to choose anything...

1:21 ...It will just automatically select and apply the size or template that you’ve just chosen.

1:26 And don’t worry if you change your mind later as we’ll look at the settings that allow us bring back this prompt at any future point in time.