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V-Ray Fur (Grass)

5.1_V-Ray Fur (Grass)

0:04 If you think back to the earlier step when we added the ground plane component into our model…remember that I mentioned needing physical geometry to apply 3D grass settings to.

0:18 We’re going to do that now by taking advantage of the V-Ray ‘Fur’ feature.

0:25 V-Ray 'Fur' is a super-fast and parametric way to add realistic-looking grass to your render without adding any geometry to the model itself.

0:35 'Fur' can also be used for anything ‘Furry’ like carpet or even hair as well.

0:42 But for this demo, we’ll only use it for our grass.

0:48 Now to actually add the Fur, I'll start by going into the 'Context' group and selecting the ground plane.

0:57 Then I'll find the ‘Fur’ icon in the ‘Geometries’ toolbar.

1:02 And then if I pop over to the ‘Geometries’ tab in the 'Asset Editor'...there I can confirm that it has in fact been added to our scene.

1:12 Just like with our sun, lights, etc….we can toggle the 'Fur' on and off here –

1:19 which is a good thing to note as the 'Fur' will increase our render time.

1:25 If you’re following along at home with me, you may want to just watch this this first step as I just want to do a quick comparison to better show the difference between the ground with and without the ‘Fur’ grass added.

1:39 So bear with me for a moment as I override my materials…and then exclude the ground texture from being overridden.

1:59 This time I’m going to increase my resolution so that I can see the fine details better

2:10 And lastly, I’ll use a render region to show just one side so that I can compare the difference with and without the 'Fur'.

2:28 So once we’re happy with the way it looks during our test rendering stage, it’s a good idea to turn it off until later when we do our final render.

2:39 Another way to tell if, and to what objects 'Fur' might be applied to, is to look closely at your model itself.

2:47 A new bounding box and icon has appeared indicating that 'Fur' is present on this ground group.

2:56 And to make it even more obvious, I’ll just give some depth to my ground plane surface…and now the Fur icon is clearly visible.