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Saving an Entrouage Library

4.7_Saving an Entourage Library

0:01 Let’s close this course with an overview of how to store components, whether found online or created from scratch.

0:11 There’s two ways to do this.

0:13 If you happen to have a folder with a bunch of components in it already, you can at any time, browse to that folder from your hard drive.

0:22 In the Components window, there’s a little disk and arrow icon that allows you to browse to a ‘local collection.’

0:29 Here you can see that I’ve got several sub-folders full of components that I can access now from within SketchUp.

0:37 It will often still be accessible under ‘recents’ for later use without re-browsing to that folder again.

0:44 If you want ensure a certain folder, say people, shows up in the components browser everything you use SketchUp, then you can specify that too.

0:55 Go to your ‘Preferences’, then files, and see where your machine has pathed the component library to.

1:03 Go ahead and open the folder under where it says ‘Components’.

1:07 For most Mac users, it should be in ‘Library/Application Support’.

1:12 Now you can create sub folders in this component library folder and place any components you want in here.

1:28 If we wanted to save the furnishings and people from this model, we’d first have to make sure that they are in fact components and not groups…

1:36 …then we can right click and ‘Save as…'

1:41 And browse to the new folder or folders that you created and save them there.

1:47 Back in the components browser, we can see this new folder we just created and within it, the entourage components from this model.

2:01 That’s it for working with component libraries.