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Volumetric Environment (Fog)

4.4_Volumetric Environment (Fog)

0:05 One key thing that that I’ve been ignoring so far, is the fact that our 2D background trees are backlit and are reading as darker than they should.

0:16 I also want to convey some depth between the subject, our cabin, and the background.

0:23 To address both of these issues, I’ll want to add some ‘Environmental Fog’.

0:29 Under the ‘Settings’ tab, there is an option called ‘Volumetric Environment’.

0:35 Go ahead and enable that now and choose ‘Environmental Fog’ from the dropdown.

0:46 We now have the option of adjusting both the distance the fog is from the camera and the height it is from the ground.

0:55 Let’s slide the height all the way to the right to ‘400’.

0:59 And just to compare the difference, I’ll try adjusting the distance to really close first where we can hardly see the cabin anymore...

1:07 and then to really far where we can’t tell if there is any fog at all.

1:13 Of course we want to aim for something in the middle and I'll do that by entering a value of around ’20,000’.

1:23 With our HDRI casting realistic lighting; our artificial light brightening up our super cool building façade;