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Materials Override

4.1_Materials Override

0:04 We’re now ready to do some work on our lighting to see how we can give our view a bit more drama that we currently have now.

0:12 Other than materials, that we covered in the previous course, to me, lighting has the biggest impact on the quality and realism of your render.

0:23 In order to better see the details of our lighting adjustments, let’s start by overriding the materials in the model so we can focus only on light and shadow for a moment.

0:35 In the ‘Settings’ area, there’s a section for ‘Materials Override’.

0:41 Just enable that and start a render...and see that we now have what’s also referred to as a ‘clay render’.

0:52 Now I can adjust the time of day…or the year to see how the sun’s position affects my light and shadow.

1:03 One thing that I can see that's missing from this is that shadows shouldn’t cast onto transparent materials.

1:10 So let’s exclude the glazing from the materials override.

1:15 To do this, just select the glazing material…and you can see that by default, the ‘Can be Overridden’ button is checked.

1:25 Uncheck that…

1:30 then start up another render…

1:35 and then try your sun and shade adjustments one more time.

1:47 Not only do we get a better sense of light but we’re also starting to see what, if anything behind our camera, will be reflected in the glass.