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Artificial Supplemental Lighting

4.3_Artificial Supplemental Lighting

0:05 While the Dome Light looks awesome, my choice to position the sun behind the cabin has resulted in a front façade that’s looking a bit dark.

0:16 While we could correct this in post-production, the point of this course is get our lighting conditions dialed in as much as possible with just SketchUp and V-Ray.

0:26 So with that said, we could benefit from adding an artificial light source between the viewer and the building that will illuminate the façade.

0:36 To do this we’ll start by using a 'Sphere Light' as it casts an even light in all directions.

0:44 Find the ‘Sphere Light’ icon in our lights toolbar…and then just place in middle of our view…size it up a bit…and adjust the position so it is centered nicely.

1:04 After running a test render...

1:10 we can see that the light is showing, which we don’t want.

1:14 It’s also bright white light which is a bit intense and would benefit from warming up some to match our environmental lighting.

1:24 Under the lights tab in the ‘Asset Editor’, select the 'Sphere Light' in order to make the changes we want.

1:31 And just a tip: while we have just one sphere light at the moment, it’s a good habit to get into naming them as you go so that if we were to add more later, we can keep easily track of which is which.

1:44 While our interactive render is still going, let’s set the light to ‘Invisible’…

1:52 and we'll make sure that it doesn’t show in the glass reflections either.

2:00 Then we can change the color to something a little warmer…

2:09 and adjust the intensity up.

2:13 There’s no science to this step…just bump it up a little at a time until it feels right.