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SU Fundamentals 5-3 Rectangles

0:03 Basic rectangles are simple enough, they can be drawn on the ground or on existing surfaces.

0:09 They will generally try to align with the axis.

0:15 Rotated rectangles allow you to define the initial edge and then draw the rectangle in any angle.

0:24 Start by clicking once to set one corner of the rectangle and click again to say the second corner or baseline edge of the rectangle.

0:34 Now move the cursor in various directions and click again to complete the rotated rectangle.

0:41 For more accuracy you can define both the length and angle of the final surface.

0:49 Establish the baseline of your rectangle with two clicks,

0:53 then you can see that the final input is a combination of length and angle.

0:59 So I may enter length of say 24 inches , 34 degrees and press ENTER to accept.

1:11 Rotated rectangles are similar to other tools in that the direction you are pointed matters.

1:18 If I start drawing a rectangle in this direction and make it 3 feet , 20 degrees it will apply toward that direction.

1:30 I could do the same in the other direction, still use 3 feet , 20 degrees and it will now create a rectangle the opposite of the first simply by initially stretching towards that side.