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SU Fundamentals 5-4 Freehand

0:03 The freehand tool works as you’d expect, drawing a freehand edge wherever you drag the cursor.

0:12 Remember, that we’ve recommended you click your mouse deliberately, (click, move, click) for most tools and actions.

0:19 The Freehand tool is one of the exceptions.

0:22 For this tool, you’ll need to hold the mouse button down while you draw.

0:27 This tool may come in handy if you are tracing contour lines or in other unique cases, but it is fairly inaccurate, so you will probably not use it that often.

0:38 The freehand tool will try to maintain the same plane as any surface you start drawing it on,

0:43 so it’s helpful to draw a rectangle first that you then draw your freehand lines on.

0:50 Remember, it will still try to snap to other geometry, which can be helpful, but may also be a problem if you are trying to draw close to other edges.