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Dusk Final Render

7.3_Dusk_Final Render

0:06 Now that we have all our lights dialed in and looking good...

0:11 We can go ahead and switch from test Interactive render mode, to our final high-quality output.

0:19 This step is actually the same as it was for the day view.

0:23 Start by switching off Interactive mode.

0:26 Check the quality settings which for me, was 'Medium.'

0:31 The down to 'Output'...bump the numder up to whatever your computer and patience can handle.

0:39 Remember that I used 2000 by 2000 pixels before.

0:46 And then we'll pop over to 'Geometries' and turn our grass 'Fur' back on.

0:55 And then go ahead and hit render.

1:01 And while we wait for it to finish, I'll go ahead and speed the video up so you don't have to watch it in real time.

1:24 Now that it's finished rendering, let's go ahead and find the 'Lens Effects' icon at the bottom of the Frame Buffer.

1:33 Here we can add some cook bloom and glare effects to the lights.

1:39 After turning it on, notice the cool glare coming off the ceiling lights now.

1:47 Feel free to play around with the different settings to see how each affects the final result.

1:59 And if it turns out you don't like the glare...go ahead and just turn it back off. No harm done.

2:13 So lastly, like before, let's open up our color corrections panel and make some adjustments.

2:21 I'm going to 'push' the view a little more than I did the previous one, by boosting the contrast up high....

2:29 and then playing around a little bit with the saturation...and then maybe the color balance a bit.

2:41 And this looks pretty cool here so I'm just going to call it done.

2:48 And with that, I hope that you enjoyed this course.

2:53 I know that we covered a lot of information and for those of you that are just starting out with V-Ray for the first tim...

3:00 it can feel a little bit overwhelming to remember where all the different settings are located and what each of them do.

3:08 I encourage you all to stick with it I and I garuntee you that your time investment will pay off.

3:16 And like all of our other tracks, I've set up a dedicated page for this course on the community forum.

3:23 So please let me know what you think and feel free to post any questions of concerns you have.

3:29 And we'll be sure to jump in and help you out to keep you on track and meeting all of your learning goals.