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Dusk Artificial Lighting

7.2_Dusk_Artificial Lighting

0:06 With our environmental lighting dialed in and looking great, we can now switch gears and add a few more interior lights to our cabin.

0:18 Let's start witht the upper floors first.

0:21 If I were to zoom in and get close to the ceiling, you'll notice that there's a bunch of pot lights.

0:30 And a quick check confirms that these are components – which is exactly what we want in this scenario.

0:37 What we're going to do here is place a sphere light inside of just one component and see it show up in all the others.

0:47 So while I'm still inside of one light component I'll add a new sphere light from my 'Lights' toolbar.

0:57 It might be a bit tricky to place the sphere light properly and try to avoid placing that are half in/out of walls...

1:07 as this might cause some light 'leaking' into other parts of the model that we don't want.

1:12 I'll Inference on a vertical part of the model to help move the light down a bit so that it's floating just inside the fixture.

1:25 So let's go back to our scene and see how that looks when we render it.

1:31 Before I do that, this is actually a good time to pause and save first so that we don't lose any of our work up to this point.

1:48 With the render started...I'll zoom in a bit.

1:53 And I can definitelysee the lights...but barely.

1:58 In the 'Asset Editor', under the 'Lights tab...

2:02 I'll find the light that we just added and rename it to something logical like 'Pot' or 'Ceiling'.

2:10 And then change the color to the same warm light as before.

2:17 Quick tip: You can save a color to this little color tray here to help ensure your light hues are consistent across your models.

2:28 Now we need to bump the intensity up. Try doing it in increments until it looks right.

2:35 I'll try '100' first.

2:39 But that's not really maybe '500'.

2:46 And better but still not enough.

2:49 I'm going to push this really high this time to something like '5000'.

2:57 And to me that's actually looking a lot better because I'm getting a little bit of a halo effect around the lights themselves.

3:08 Backing out a bit...the pot lights look good but they're not casting light into the space.

3:17 So what we're going to have to do is create another light to create the ambient light that we need to make the room glow and feel more realistic.

3:27 For this step, let's switch from using Sphere Lights to a Rectangle Light.

3:41 Back inside of the upper floor of the cabin...go ahead and add a Rectangle Light.

3:48 And while it's active, and before you've placed it....

3:52 You'll notice a little arrow that's indicating the direction of the light.

3:57 We actually want the arrow pointing down...but since we don't have a flat ceiling to reference for our placement...

4:05 Try to find some other piece of furniture for assistance.

4:11 Now that it's been placed, let's go ahead and scale and position the Rectangle Light so that it's floating in the center of the room above the furniture.

4:27 The location here doesn't have to be perfect.

4:33 So then let's pop back to our dusk view.

4:38 And start up another render.

4:42 And here's our Rectangle Light.

4:45 Remember back when we added our exterior sphere light earlier...

4:49 we didn't actually want to see the light source but only its effect.

4:54 The same is true here. So under the 'Options' for this light, be sure to make it 'Invisible'.

5:05 The we can change the color and intensity like we did for all the others.

5:11 Again for the's kind of like adding salt while you're cooking.

5:16 You add just enough for your particular taste preference.

5:22 I'm going to start with '100'

5:26 And that's looking pretty good...but to me, I'd like a little more pop.

5:31 So I'm going to go ahead and double it to '200'.

5:38 And that's it for our upper floor.

5:43 With the addition of just the Sphere Light into the pot light component...

5:47 and then the overall rectangle for's looking pretty good.

5:55 Since we have the Rectangle Light dialed in nicely...let's go ahead and make a copy of it...

6:04 and move it down into the bedroom.

6:09 For this step, adding a section plane would probably be helpful as it's going to make it easier to see inside of the rooms all at once.

6:23 So now it's easier for me to scale and position the first one...

6:33 And then copy it over to the bathroom...

6:38 and position and scale again.

6:58 Let's go ahead and wrap this lesson up by selecting all of the Rectangle Lights...